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The word  "Schmuck" is taken from old German „smiegen” that means as much as nestle-up or tight-fitting.

What else?
Jewellery should be carried, should be seen and should be admired, should be exciting and interesting, it should demonstrate something and express fun and joy of life.

It should decorate and bejewel - small pieces of art accentuating your personal nature. It brings back memories, catches the looks. It meets the demands for the pure joy of aesthetics and has a meaningful message.
Handmade jewellery – stands for individuality and originality and is not the subject of predefined compulsions of trends.
Each of my handmade pieces, unicates or series of limited editions, arises from careful and loving work in the friendly atmosphere of my studio in Bremen.
I use classical or naturalistic-like as well as geometric or playful elements.
Here are always experiences of every kind that influence my themes.

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